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encounter nasty dogs, suspicious parents, and sometimes a slammed door, but when you "reach the one" it'll be worth it.
KNOW THE CHILD'S NAME! Even if you see that child only once in a year, if you make eye contact, say "Hello, What's your name?" and connect in some way, the child will want to come back.
ENLIST HELP OF CHILDREN - See if the other kids in the class know the inactive child in school, or even preschool. Many times, all you need to do is have a lesson on "finding the lost sheep", acknowledge the inactive child in your class and the children will do the missionary work!"


avatar lotofualu
My Primary Board paired up during our Board meeting and we visited homes of Primary children with single parent, with parents that don't attend church at all, with parents that either one is a non-member, and homes that kids don't show up to church at all. It was such a blessing to see these families. s
avatar sbig
Hi I'm new to Primary and was just put in as the new primary Pres. So love to hear all the suggestion. This week we decided to start visiting with the Children and their families in their homes. Beens we are a new Presidency it was a great opportunity to introduce ourselves and express our excitement at having them in Primary- Both families actually came to Primary this week. Thanks for all the Help and suggestions its nice to have a place to come to.
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